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LeadersHIP HOPportunities

Dr. Jai’s LeadersHIP HOPportunity Program provides the transition from vision to mission, highlighting leadership and life development concepts, gleaned from Hip Hop Culture, specifically, the named elements.

Hip Hop is a movement. It has given a sense of expression in our communities for 40 years! It has grown artists, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs. It has created leaders, pillars, and game changers of the community. The “voice” that was previously criticized is now a critical platform for business and leadership. One thing’s for sure, a different voice is a heard voice, whether in infamy or in praise. Hip Hop has survived the latter and sustains the former. The initial knowledge of the culture has not lost its influence, but the impact of it recently goes unrecognized in some areas, including leadership. The program is currently used at the SEED School of Maryland, a Baltimore City School, which directs, educates, and motivates youth to enter college settings for future educational and personal growth. The program currently has a cohort of 20 student leaders and its activities will impact over 400 students, via training and speaking engagements.

The program can be customized to your specific educational needs as well. It offers:

Custom Curriculum Development

Off-the-shelf availability

Hire team for training services

Train-the Trainer Options

In the LeadersHIP HOPportunity Program, we “Make LeadersHIP”! Dr. Jai wants emerging leaders to love H.I.P. H.O.P: Having the Inner Power to Hone Our Purpose. This program endeavors to bring hip hop and leadership together to provide youth and young adults growth opportunities. We would love to bring our program to your emerging student leaders! It’s not just a course and it’s not just education; it’s change. Furthermore, it’s Hip. It’s Hip Hop. It’s Hope.

Inquire about our multi-step, multi-level program which includes, but is not limited to:

Support and educate emerging student leaders from selected organizations

Promote effective leadership skills that can translate to other career development levels

Instruct students on leadership concepts that they can utilize for their duties within their respective programs

Create hands-on and active participatory opportunities for participants to exercise new skills learned or to enhance current skill sets

Learn Hip Hop history, leadership theories and the ways that both professional avenues have helped grow communities

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